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Take a big leap into the future of password security

Generate unbreakable passwords with one simple click

Tired of using and remembering the different combinations of the same password for all your accounts? It’s time to let the pros handle your password generation. Our password creating feature will instantly set up a new password that follows all security requirements with one simple click.

Unburden your memory

Remembering passwords is not an easy job. But it's a job you don't have to do. Let CyberGhost Password Manager worry about storing and remembering your essential login details. Next time you want to login to any account, CyberGhost Password Manager will do it for you.

Automatically fill in your login credentials

Save precious time and unnecessary irritation caused by typos or memory lapses. Our autofill feature will input your username and password that you securely store in your Password Manager account, and automatically assign them to the webpage you are visiting.

Import/Export passwords seamlessly

Switching between password managers? Not to worry. You can easily import your data into CyberGhost Password Manager account with just a few simple steps.

How to become a tester for CyberGhost Password Manager

CyberGhost Password Manager

1. Download the extension

Go to your browser add-ons page, type in CyberGhost Password Manager, and download your extension.

CyberGhost Password Manager

2. Login and set your Master Password

Use your CyberGhostVPN login details for your very first login attempt.

CyberGhost Password Manager

3. Enjoy next-level password security

Generate, manage, and never worry about forgetting your passwords

Download Beta
By downloading this product you agree with our
Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy

Why join the beta program?

CyberGhost Password Manager

Try it out before everyone else - for free

Why pay for a Password Manager when you can use ours, ahead of everybody else, completely free?

CyberGhost Password Manager

Design the full release according to your needs

Leave your mark on the future of Password Manager software by helping us with ideas on how to create the best one in the market.

CyberGhost Password Manager

Get a direct line between you and the CyberGhost team

Share your feedback directly to the people behind your favorite VPN app!

What are you waiting for?

Download Beta
By downloading this product you agree with our
Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy


How do I login after I’ve downloaded the extension?
For the first login you will need to use your CyberGhost VPN login details (email address + password). Then, you’ll set up a new master password that you will use from that point forward when logging in.
How long does a typical beta test last?
Every test is different: sometimes it's a few weeks, sometimes longer. We'll let you know at the beginning of the program how long we expect it to last. Please understand that this is an estimate and the actual duration can change. Alternatively, the program can end sooner than expected if the results are optimal. Keep an open schedule and an open mind and we'll do our best to help you enjoy the entire experience!
What happens after I sign up?
  • You'll use the product on a daily basis and report any issues.
  • You should be willing to use your PC for this and dedicate some time to noticing bugs and other issues.
  • You'll openly talk to us about the bugs you found, what you were doing when you found them and share your feedback and ideas related to the product.
  • We'd really appreciate your flexibility and understanding, as we're all here to learn how to improve in one way or another.
What browsers are compatible with CyberGhost Password Manager?
For the moment CyberGhost Password Manager is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Edge, Brave, and any other Chromium based browser.
How do I sign up to be a tester?
Just use any of the download button & enjoy CyberGhost Password Manager. And remember, your feedback matters!
Will I get to use the full version of CyberGhost Password Manager once it’s released?
Most likely, yes. 🙂 We'll announce the rewards once you sign up.